Heidi Snyder
AVC Office Manager
Heidi is a homeschool mom to her kids Jude, Hazel, and Nona (12, 12, and 11). She loves to travel, read, and be outside when it’s hot and sunny. Heidi is  passionate about all things health related and is nearing the end of her Integrative Health Practitioner certification. Woohoo! Outside of the barn, she currently has a piano studio with 16 students and also accompany for a local choir (random fact about Heidi: She majored in Organ Performance in college and used to play for “Football Mass” at Notre Dame when she was a grad student there!) Prior to working at Legacy Stables, Heidi worked for nearly 20 years for the CRCNA as a data specialist (that ended during the pandemic), as well as an executive assistant and student financial counselor. Her girls, Hazel and Nona, have ridden at Legacy for several years and in the last year and a half, have become very serious about vaulting. This is what brought her to Legacy Stables! Heidi says she love working for an organization where her values align with theirs, and she can be a part of a place that’s so important to my kids. As her kids (especially her girls) become more involved, she loves watching them grow not just in physical strength but also in character. For Heidi, Legacy feels like a big, friendly family and she feels so blessed to be a part of it!