GIDEON is a super sweet, Thoroughbred cross gelding.  His name has a special meaning: “The story of Gideon is one of my favorites in the Bible. It starts with God asking Gideon to save his folk Israel: ‘Go in the strength you have … Am I not sending you?’ (Judges 6:14). Gideon feels frightened, inadequate and uncertain. That makes him even more of a hero to me. It shows how brave he was to go against so many difficulties and challenges. He was also sensible to check that he got it right. Once Gideon was sure it was God’s will then there was no stopping him. I wish to have this kind of God-Confidence to go through life, especially in these times we live in right now. I think this is a great name for this horse and I hope he is a living reminder to have faith and courage.”