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Own-A-Horse Camp

At Own-A-Horse-Camp you get to experience what it is like to own a pony or horse.  You will learn all aspects of horse care including feeding, grooming and stable management. And yes, you will have an opportunity to ride a horse every day!

Throughout the week, campers will learn and develop the Five C’s of Camp:

Comfort: Trusting the horse, themselves, and the staff.

Confidence: Having strong body language and voice with the horse.

Connection: Building relationships with the horses, other campers, and the staff. 

Capability: Creating a strong foundation of knowledge to use with any activity at camp. 

Challenge: Facing any frustration or new activity with bravery and positivity. 

Each day, camp staff teaches on a different theme and covers many topics around caring for, riding, and owning a horse!

We cover the following topics and more throughout the week:

  • Safety on and around the horse
  • Different breeds and colors
  • Horse Psychology – what makes a horse tick?
  • Horse Talk – how do horses communicate with each other and us?
  • How much does a horse cost?
  • Various riding disciplines (Western, English, Vaulting)
  • Parts of the tack
  • How to clean a stall and other stable chores

Other fun activities include barn games, horse crafts, giving a horse a bath, braiding your horse’s mane, equestrian vaulting, and more!

In addition to learning about horses, students will learn Responsibility, Team Work, Self-Confidence, and of course have a ton of FUN making new horse-crazy friends!

The camp takes place at our beautiful horse farm with two indoor arenas and heated viewing area/classroom.

Own-A-Horse Camp is licensed (pending) by the State of Michigan.  Our instructors are highly qualified and our ponies and horses are well trained and very gentle.

Certificates and ribbons will be handed out on Friday at the end of camp.

Geared toward ages 6-13, with 6 being the minimum age requirement.

Summer Camp | June 5 – August 25 | Registration is open!

$56 for single sessions, $270 for for half day full week, $540 for all day full week

Summer Camp offers variations including:

-Teens Camp for ages 12+ during Weeks 6 and 10

-Vaulting Camp during Week 8

Own a Horse Camp
Join us for an all encompassing horse experience!
Campers will learn all aspects of horse care including feeding, grooming, and stable management. And yes, riding a horse every day!
Session Times:
Morning: 8:30 -11:30am
Afternoon: 12:00 – 3:00pm
Choose to come half a day, or sign up for both sessions to make it a full day
Camp Variations:
-Teen Camp (ages 12+) – Weeks 6 & 10
-Vaulting Camp – Week 8

*Minimum 5 participants.
 Note: There must be a minimum of 5 kids to hold camp. We reserve the right to combine sessions.

Half Day
Half day for One Week
Full day for One Week

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Own-A-Horse Camp

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