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All of our riding programs are structured around the same principle: to allow riders to build a holistic foundation of skills and close connection with a horse. We do this by teaching safety, proper riding and horse-care techniques both on and off the horse, how to communicate with your horse, and of course feeding a treat at the end! Our goal is to have a fun and educational lesson every week! Students have the opportunity to work through several levels and earn ribbons. We have two large indoor arenas with a lot of natural light which allows us to ride year-round, as well as an outdoor riding area and many trails.

Attire: Long pants required. Closed-toed shoes required for all levels. Level 2+ riders are required to wear a boot with a  1-2 inch heel.

Lessons are offered in 6 or 12 week sessions.

Here is how enrollment works for our next session: Current students will be allowed to register first. Classes with remaining availability will be opened up to new students soon after. To be added to the mailing list to receive updates on when registration will open, email us at office@legacyhorses.com.

Here are a couple other programs that may interest you!

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2024 Session Dates

View our 2024 session dates below, or view our summer 2024 catalog HERE for up to date offerings!

*Spring 1  ~ February 26 -April 21 (8wks)

*Spring 2 ~ April 22 – June 2  |  *Summer 1 ~ June 3 – July 14

*Summer 2 ~ July 15 – Aug. 25  |  *Fall 1 ~ Aug. 26 – Oct. 6

*Fall 2 ~ Oct. 7 – Nov. 17  |  *Winter 1 ~ Nov. 18 – Dec. 29

*6 week or 12 week commitment available.

Our Different Riding Lessons
KinderPony Riders
$29per lesson
This warm-fuzzy program is designed for children 2-6 years old. A KinderPony lesson includes 30 minutes in a small group (1:1 student/staff ratio) setting. Learn how to brush, lead, and feed your pony a treat. Try out a variety of riding disciplines, go on trail rides, play games, and more! Students gain healthy confidence, respect for the horse, build physical strength and balance, gain social skills, and have FUN!
Pathfinder Riders
$48per lesson
‘Pathfinders’ is a hybrid class between our KinderPony and Trailblazer programs.  Students ages 6-8 will enjoy lessons that are focused on how to be well-rounded, knowledgeable and confident equestrians and prepare them to join the Trailblazer Program.
With a high instructor-student ratio, offers individual attention and instruction while riders work with our well-trained horses and ponies.  During each 6 week session, students will spend 1 hour per week at the stable.  Half of every lesson will be spent riding in several disciplines (English and Western) and half will be spent on the ground learning countless horsemanship skills.  Such as: safety, how to groom and tack, how to lead, how horses think, basic stable management, and vocabulary.
This class is offered for all 6 and 7 year olds. 8yo riders may choose between this and the Trailblazer program.
Trailblazer Riders
$50per lesson
This program is for the elementary/teenager school age rider. Enjoy a one hour per week, small group (2:1 or 3:1 student/staff ratio) lessons.  Students are given a broad foundation in riding as they learn how to ride English, Western, and bareback; plus some vaulting.  In addition, lessons include learning: safety, how to handle the horses on the ground, grooming, how to saddle and bridle, and basic horse and stable care.
Leisure Riders
$50per lesson
This program is for adults who have always loved horses.  For those not interested in competition, but about connecting with a horse and building a bond with something so honestly grounded – a friend that carries them around. The emphasis of this program is to build confidence and skills in a very relaxed atmosphere and of course to have fun. No former experience is required. Since we ride in small groups (2:1 or 3:1 student/staff ratio), we can pick you up where you are individually and teach you at your own pace. This program is also ideal for adults who already have riding skills, but not a horse of their own.

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