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November 9th – St. Martin’s Day Lantern Parade



St. Martin’s Day is one of the most popular saint’s holidays in Germany and is celebrated all over Germany. Martin of Tours was born in the 4th Century and started out as a Roman soldier before he found Christianity and became a monk. He was announced a Saint because of his exemplary way of life that was all about SHARING and CARING for other people. The most famous tale about him tells how he cut his cloak in half in order to share it with a beggar who was dying of the cold.

At our event for YOUNG and OLD we will have:

* A PLAY starring real horses and ponies
* A LANTERN WALK through the DARK at the farm with MUSIC AND SONGS
* Baked Goods we will SHARE and we’ll have Hot Drinks for all!

Open end with HANDS ON HORSES after the festivities.

Suggested donation $5 per person (including a lantern – $10)

Bring your own lantern or claim one provided by Legacy Stables. Legacy Stables purchased 100 beautifully lit lanterns with a walking stick for the kids.

RSVP NOW via facebook message or email to legacystables.karin@gmail.com to RESERVE YOUR LANTERN!!

Donations will go toward adaptive equipment for our therapeutic riding program.

Bring your families for a great time building memories!


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